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Better Maid Services

20 Years of Cleaning Excellence

No matter how many times you clean your property, dirt and dust will always find their way back. Better Maid Services is a professional cleaning company in Reston, VA, offering the best residential cleaning services for local homeowners. Whether you need Spring cleaning, or you’re moving out, our team can make your living space spotless!

Better Maid Services

If you have a home, business, or commercial property, it will always need regular cleaning. Better Maid Services is the premier residential and commercial cleaning service in Reston, VA. Our maids offer house cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in cleaning, move out cleaning, residential cleaning, and vacation rental cleaning services. Our trained and certified staff will keep your property spic and span. We promise to protect your commercial property, home, or business from stains and dust bunnies so you can relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

Let us do all the dirty work for you! For a cleaner, healthier home, call us at (703) 464-5770 today!

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About us

What makes our business different
Our mission at Better Maid Services is to meet our client’s needs and help them with their busy lives. The customers are our number one priority. Our experienced staff has been professionally trained, is trustworthy, and has over 20 years of experience in house cleaning. Each member of our team provides excellent cleaning services, aiming to meet the customers’ expectations every time.

Our Services

House Cleaning

Families have less free time for housecleaning, and it can become an overwhelming task if you don’t keep up with it. Doing residential cleaning yourself can be a strenuous task. Better Maid Services removes that burden with our home cleaning service. Our residential cleaning services can change a disaster into a delight. Unlike other residential cleaning services, Better Maid Services uses more than cleaning tools like dust wands and dust mops. These only spread dirt from one place to another, so we offer environmentally friendly cleaning services that do more than just clean the surface.

Our house cleaners are thorough and deep clean every room. Your property is important to us. We treat every home as if it was our own! We have the tools and experience to deep clean your entire house! Whether you’re cleaning up after company or just doing your annual spring cleaning, we can help you rid your house of dirt and dust. Doing a full deep clean can be exhausting, so let our team handle it! We can take care of surfaces, floors, windows, furniture, and much more! Our cleaners do dirty jobs, so you don’t have to. At Better Maid Services, we have years of cleaning experience!

Apartment Cleaning

If you’re an apartment resident or landlord who needs apartment cleaning services, the team at Better Maid Services can help you! Our team is here to help you tackle cleaning and disinfecting so you can get back to business in a clean environment. We offer apartment cleaning for individual units or the entire property. This allows you and your friends or coworkers to resume your daily routine quickly.

Dust and harmful bacteria can stay on the surfaces we use every day. If you need deep cleaning, your local maid company Better Maid Services offers immediate aid to assist your commercial property. Because we’re familiar with mold remediation and water damage restoration, commercial cleaning is familiar territory.

Office Cleaning

If you’re a business owner who needs office cleaning services or a dedicated office cleaning company, Better Maid Services is the choice for you. The trained experts at Better Maid Services are here to help you tackle cleaning and disinfecting so you can get back to business in a clean environment. Our team specializes in services for commercial properties including janitorial cleaning service, corporate cleaning, and office cleaning. Better Maid Services’ primary goal is to ensure your property is safe and clean again. We use effective cleaning techniques and advanced restoration equipment to tackle corporate cleaning jobs.

Our team of trained and certified cleaning professionals is ready around the clock to assist you. You can never be too careful about cleaning your business. With Better Maid Services, you’ll never need to worry about cleaning the office yourself. We have built a solid reputation within the industry and continue to offer the best office cleaning services possible.

Move-in/out Cleaning

Moving can be stressful for everyone involved. Packing, moving furniture, and rearranging your new home can take a lot out of a person. Better Maid Services can help you with your move with our move-in cleaning service. We can handle the cleaning service for your new house so you can focus on unpacking and enjoying the new place. Our professional staff can clean your new home so you can feel comfortable while settling in and starting a new life in a place cleaned how you deserve.

Moving can get messy. We can help dust off and clean up all of your furniture and appliances that may have gotten scuffed along the way. We’ll also take care to clean all of your new home’s floors, windows, surfaces, and anything else you need! Our staff can complete the deep cleaning process to leave your old home in great shape and ready for the new occupant. We want your move to be seamless and feel confident moving into a clean new home. For your next move out cleaning, call Better Maid Services.

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Our Happy Clients!

"I could not have been more pleased with the company's professionalism, service and price. I will definitely use them again, as well as refer them to others. If you need to hire a great housecleaning company, I strongly recommend Better Maid Services."
Eva R.
"I have been using your service for about 5 years now and I can't tell enough people how pleased I am with the results. I am truly impressed with the work Better Maid Services does each time they come and clean. Thank you so much!"
Chester F.
"The maid worked fast and efficient and did not need me to go into details on how to clean a home. She saw my home as if it was hers and cleaned it thoroughly, which made me very happy. I highly recommend this company to any and all."
Jennifer H.
"Better Maid Services represents all of the characteristics we were looking for, from high quality, trustworthy, professional, and reasonably priced. They don't skimp on quality or customer service and they are very nice people. We highly and gladly recommend Better Maid Services to anyone."
Susan A.
"Better Maid Service is very prompt, efficient, and are hard workers. They take a lot of the stress of cleaning a house away from all the other things I deal with. Definitely one of the best companies’ I’ve had the privilege of knowing and having a relationship with."
Taylor C.

HOLIDAY CLEANING SERVICES - 15% Off Your First Cleaning


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We know house cleaning is not what you love, so let us help you spend more time doing what you enjoy. Contact Better Maid Services for a cleaner, safer home. Call us today at (703) 997-1385 or fill out the form below to book your next cleaning service.

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